About me, Tine Bielecki, Author and Yoga Teacher in Heidelberg

Hey, my name is Tine, I am German Yoga Teacher and Journalist living in Heidelberg, Germany.

I have a german master degree in sports science and finished my Yoga Teacher Training in Santa Barbara, California. I am currently working on my certification to teach Power Yoga for Sports by Gwen Lawrence, a yoga practice designed for working with professional athletes and on a certification in teaching Yoga Sculpt.

I’ve worked as a sports journalist for more than 10 years, and have been surrounded by professional athletes all my life. Married to a two-time Olympian I understand and realize how athletes benefit from a yoga practice.

I am convinced that a relaxed body is the key to a relaxed mind and like Yogi Berra (a baseball player and manager – not a “Yogi”, although he sounds like one) once said, “90 percent of the game is half mental”. This philosophy not only benefit athletes on a baseball field, but can help everyone since we are all performers in the game of life. We face pressure and competition every day.

I am passionate about Yoga and a healthy lifestyle, and I hope that I can always animate my students to smile and experience their inner strength and flexibility. I don’t want to turn people into Yogis, I want to give them what they need to feel more grounded, balanced, happy, strong and flexible.

The last year I taught in the wonderful studio Yogacentralen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now I moved to Heidelberg and I am looking forward to meeting you!!

If you want to learn more about what I do, simply send me an E-Mail